You can share strong moments in other occasions than weddings, surrounded by friends and family. End of the year parties can also be the perfect opportunity.
As a wedding planner agency we are used to plan this particular day. But, professionally, we played along and tried to organise Christmas as a wedding
Are you coming with us?

The pretty stationery

Often, celebrating Christmas goes with traditions. We meet at a family member’s house who can welcome everyone and party up until the night shows up.
But this year maybe the party will be at your house ? If it is, then why not send proper invitations? Something that will, for sure, surprise your guests and will bring a touch of happiness in their letterbox.

Creating your own invitations is the first step in the D-Day immersion. For a wedding, we pick up the style and colours according to your theme. Do the same for Christmas ! Replace the traditional “Save the date” by “Save the Christmas date !”

papeterie mariage et noëlsource image :

If your christmas tree is decorated with traditional colours, play with red, green, white and check patterns on your invitations. Rather minimalist ? A touch of gold on white paper will be perfect. And will work with a light decorated, modern tree.

papeterie luxe minimaliste mariagesource image :

Stationery is a great playfield which will allow you to give the tone of the night.

Want to go further ? Keep going by integrating stationery to your decoration. Name tags, menus…possibilities are endless. The elegance of the paper is unequalled and, throughout this numeric era, it will bring a sophisticated touch to your table.

Preparing your Christmas decoration like a wedding one

As mentioned higher up, picking a theme is an important step. Traditional christmas, white christmas, gold christmas… Everything is possible. The most important is to please yourself. We praise this advice, and communicate it to all our engaged couples. 
Your choices regarding decoration will be easier if you choose your theme ahead. We never know where to look when entering a decoration store during Christmas time. But this time you will precisely know what you need.

sapin de Noël chic rose et blancsource image :

Think about integrating natural elements in your decoration. Even though in winter the choice of flowers is smaller, greenery are your best allies. Wedding floral tendency is hanging greenery. Why not imagine a christmas tree composition made out of branches and leaves above your table ? Another way to dazzle your guests and bring nature inside your home.

If you like the idea of the suspension but have no idea how to make it, don’t hesitate and surround yourself with professionals. Just like a wedding, professionals help you stay calm and guarantee you a result that will reach your expectations. A floral designer will guide you towards plants and seasonal flowers matching your theme.

décor de noël naturel et chic au châteausource image :

Other professionals can be useful to organise christmas like a wedding. As a agence de wedding planner, we work with furniture and crockery rental on a regular basis.

Hosting a night for 10 or 20 people isn’t always easy even if we have room. Our dinner set usually count 6 or 8 people… Renting your crocker will be an easy option which will make you avoid buying a large number of plates. And the choice of style is massive, you will always find something to go with your fine stationery or floral designs.

table de fête noël comme un mariagesource :

Outfits, makeup and gifts

During the organisation of a wedding, one of our favorite step is to pick the wedding dress. And something tells us that picking the party outfit is as exciting !
Just like a Wedding Day, take the time to pick and outfit in which you’ll feel good. You will be at the center of attention and will shine. We always advise our brides-to-be to pick a dress that looks like her and in which they will be able to enjoy every moment.

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The advantage about Christmas is that glitz and glamour are allowed. Whether it’s in the outfits or in the makeup ! We dedicated an article on how to choose your wedding makeup. We thought about tips that are also working for Christmas or New Year’s eve parties. Here.

Gifts that will stay in people’s mind

Finally the best part… gifts ! We wouldn’t want to establish another list when there are already so many on every website.. But, we think a small particular act of kindness can change everything. What if, just like a wedding, you offer a gift to your guests?

cadeaux invités mariage à Noëlsource image :

We are not talking about the one you (oops ! Santa of course !) will put under the tree for your close ones. But a small surprise to put on the dinner table. The purpose of this gift is to offer a memory of this time spent together, to bring home some of the magic. To celebrate family gathering and happy moments.

And for this, we never lack inspiration.

Foodie gifts (and why not homemade !) : Jam, honey jar, decorated cookies, chocolate.. Simple pleasure which usually makes everyone see eye to eye.
Decoration gifts : a pretty candle, a small plant.. objects that will remain in homes and remind your guests of that day spent together.

Preparing Christmas like a wedding will now be child’s play for you. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to spend quality time with your family and create wonderful memories. Just like your Wedding Day !