Loic : It’s very simple, I had two demands:

  1. Preparing a wedding in less than 6 months
  2. A wedding abroad.

Very simple response from Stefania: OK!
Very simple results: Exceptional wedding
Thank you atout cœur!

Carole Thanks to Stefania and her team (adorable team I must say), we’ve had the perfect wedding. For several reasons : zero stress, because they were here with us at any moment to organize (obviously) but also to support, reassure, be delighted for us.. Having them with us, knowing that no matter what happens, they will know how to deal with the situation, relieved us from all pressure. We were able to enjoy every moment, and just take care of us and our guests on D-Day. Beyond professionalism, women for whom making your day the best day of your life exist. They do everything they can to make sure it all goes without a hitch and act way beyond whatever is said in their contract. Let me say this again, you really feel like it’s not just about a work contract for them. And there’s nothing more enjoyable than preparing your wedding with people like this (because it’s not everyone’s case trust me.). I recommend this agency at 100%. I recommend Stefania, Aurélie, Florestine and Maud.
Merci les filles, de tout mon cœur.