About us

Director and founder, Stefania Magro, luxury event expert, started the Atout Coeur Wedding agency in 2009 to offer the engaged couples her savoir-faire, her expertise and her professionalism.

Stefania Magro is an iron fist in a velvet glove. Meticulous and perfectionist, generous and human, you can count on her at every moment.
She is the leader of SM Consulting which represents both commercial entities linked to events, Atout Coeur Wedding for engaged couples and Team Partner for professionals.

“Our clients need to be relieved in the organization of their wedding, to not have to lose time over organizing but to enjoy their day. We are here to take away this stress.

And because every wedding is unique, we respect the secrecy of personal and intimate information about our clients and with an elegant discretion, we keep it all ultra-confidential.

Atout Coeur Wedding is surrounded by prestigious collaborators, but still owns the privilege to stay independent. Our list of collaborators stays small because we want to opt for quality over quantity.”

About the services offered by our wedding planner agency To know more about Stefania and the agency click here



Always smiling and attentive, optimist and meticulous in her work, Aurélie is full of resources and will allow the engaged couples to make it to the D-Day with a quiet mind. Responsible of the agency production, qhe keeps an eye out to make sure everything is “Just Perfect”. Whether it’s before, during or after the wedding, Aurélie is here and will still be here if you need her.


With a sparkling personality and always attentive, Myriams makes sure that a happy atmosphere is always present under any circumstances inside the team and the engaged couples. She is the rare gem that every agency wishes to have. A wedding can’t happen without her because with Myriams everything is based on her belief : “Don’t wait to be happy to smile. Smile to be happy instead.”


Who said the Wedding Planner job was only made for women.. Steven is proving us the opposite. Jovial, thoughtful and always full of empathy, he will bring to the engaged couple, and especially the groom, a male gaze inside the agency… His expertise, on a technical level, will guarantee you the making of a magical event and his directness brings to the engaged couples a tranquility on what Atout Coeur Wedding really is about : Attentiveness, Respect and Precision.


Today Maud is the oldest on the team. Her professionalism which she learned working with Stefania, is now transmitted to all the newbies on the team. Lively and cheerful, we can’t go a day without her energy and kindness. No stress and no hitch can resist Maud, there aren’t any D-days without her !


Meet the last woman arrived on the team, Emme, a true pearl. With a sparkling, happy and teasing personality, she will know how to find the rare gem buried in a seashell itself stuck at the bottom of the ocean. To tell you how persistent she is. Emma is a true breeze of fresh air !! Stars in her eyes and happiness in her heart, this is Emma.


The new fairy in our agency, Ludivine, Irish in her heart, already won our heart over . Curious, intuitive, flexible and attentive, she can show to the engaged couples she knows what she is doing, a serenity very well appreciated by everyone. With a lot of propositions, she brings fresh air and already knows how to handle storms with her British composure as a bonus.


Creative and a pro at multitasking, Sophie makes sure that Atout Coeur Wedding is everywhere. Social media, communication and events are her preferences. Nothing resists her, she knows with her quill, how to give words a meaning, to describe life and the DNA of the Agency. The Xavier Dolan Quote suits her perfectly : “I think anything is possible to anyone who dreams, dares, works and never gives up.”


Once upon a time there was…”Léa and the Digital language”. A true warrior… nothing resists her, whether it’s Instagram with its “Reels”, or LinkedIn, or any other social media. She know how to control her domain masterfully. This Lilloise with a generous heart and sparkly eyes brought to the digital team a breeze of fresh air and a lot of dynamism !


Whoever says credibility and image, means Webmaster. Magali is our agency’s webmaster. Woman in the shadow, she’s the one conveying the image of the agency. It is thanks to her meticulous work than we are known for who we are today, as a Leader in our domain. Regarding everything about the internet, she gives great pieces of advice and transliterates our enthusiasm and love for our work by using her famous “codes H1, H2” etc...