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Wedding Planner Paris

Luxury wedding organisation.

Wedding Planner Paris, Atout Cœur Wedding, is an agency specialized in luxury since 2009 and in exceptional wedding organization in France and abroad. We accompany our engaged couples from the making to the coordination of D-day by giving them all the agency and Stefania MAGRO's expertise, as she is an expert in luxury events. The Atout Cœur Wedding Agency is proud to introduce you to their partnerships with well known Houses and Establishments such as the Oetker Collections, known as one of the biggest leader in the world of luxury hotels, but also La Maison de Parfums Molinard or the Bichester Village Shopping Collection with La Vallée Village.Surrounded by these prestigious collaborators, we offer an ultra personalized service to our clients and to be able to do it we reunite decorators, sound and image engineers, professional musicians, renowned photographers but also exceptional places and caterers. It is our greatest desire to realize with the same precision, an intimate wedding tand a legendary wedding.

With more than 10 years of experience, Stefania and her team do everything they can to create a wedding that resembles you.
Our partners consist of exceptional places, gourmet menus, talented photographers and well known designers.

Wedding Planner Paris

Our wedding planner agency in Paris is here to accompany you.

According to your desires, we connect you to the service providers which are more likely to match your expectations.We work with brands and designers with whom we share high quality values. However independent, our agency keeps a total freedom to accompany you in all your ideas, even the most original ones. A special department exist for abroad weddings, allowing you to dream big and above our country. We will deal with all the administrative process and will look on how to create a magical and respectful moment, according to your wishes and which will be compatible with the tradition of the country involved. On the lookout for the last tendencies, we adapt ourselves to the themes and needs of our engaged couples. The well thought pieces of advice from our experienced team will relieve you from all the organisational pressure from the day. From the selection of the place, to the choice of the caterer, to the outfits and flowers, we work with a global vision of all the aspects of a wedding.

Your dream wedding

Organised, discreet and effective, the members of the Atout Coeur Wedding Paris team, can organise your dream wedding from top to bottom or with customizable options. Every detail will be taken into account and meticulously prepared for your D-Day to be pure joy and happiness for the engaged couple and their guests. Answers to your questions, accompanied by us, help to choose partners and luxury services will be part of each step of the making of your wedding up to the big day. You can trust us to relieve you of any pressure you may feel and give you all the keys to build an event that will go beyond your expectations.

Our values as Wedding Planner Paris are : Excellency, Respect and Attentiveness. Discover our team

« Nos Ambassadeurs »

  • A team at the top of their game ! What a chance I’ve had to be able to collaborate with such a professional team ! Stefanoa and her team are absolutely perfect ! We spent a wonderful day together. Everything went according to plan. Their expertise in the wedding and event world isn’t to be proven anymore. I have met beautiful people, kind and warm, who are the strength of the agency. Surround yourself with the Atout Coeur team with closed eyes, I assure you that you’ll be in great hands !
    Lora Barra | Photographe
  • I had the chance to work with the Atout Coeur Wedding team several times for the floral designs of the weddings. It has always been a pleasure, the wedding planners are always very available and the organization always goes perfectly. For a relaxed and successful wedding, I recommend Atout Coeur Wedding to all the brides !
    Stéphanie Dunand | So’Art Floral
  • We know the Atout Coeur Wedding agency professionally. The team is very attentive to their clients’ needs to, and above all, satisfy and accompany them the best they can. They are trustworthy partners for your wedding. Professionalism, Empathy and Attentiveness !
    Daria | Château de Bouffémont
  • To be a wedding planner : a key job in the organization of a wedding. As caterers we regularly meet them and Atout Coeur Wedding is a serious and professional company which will know how to answer your needs and keep you away from all the stress and heavy logistics around the wedding to help you focus on the essential and enjoy the moment !
    MB | Traiteur
  • As the director and the manager of the Annapurna Music agency since 2006-, I worked with many service providers, caterers, venues, logistics, furniture and wedding planners. Stefania Magro is leading her Atout Coeur Wedding agency perfectly and her team are in tune with the values she’s sharing : precision, empathy, attentiveness, flexibility. We bonded professionally with Stefania as we evolve in the VIP universe which is very demanding and where the trust between service providers is essential. The artists I provide her are contributing to putting forth the quality of her work. I can testify that every Wedding agency isn't the same.. but when you find out it’s usually too late.. So, put all the chances in your favor and pick Atout Coeur Wedding to organize your event.
    Philippe | Anapurna
  • The Atout Coeur Wedding team is the best ! They knew how to support us throughout all the chaos related to covid and it feels good the be understood and surrounded during the organisation, especially when you have a tendency to get anxious like me. Many thanks to the girls (and to Steven!) for being there.
    NINA & ALDRIC | Wedding at the Catrache
  • A lot of chaos has happened since we got engaged : engagement in May 2019, wedding supposed to happen in June 2020, postponed to October 2020 (covid-A9), then again postponed to September 2021 (covid-19), then again postponed to 2022 (moving abroad) ! Since 2019, the team is dealing with the organization of our wedding (300 guests !) They handled not one, not two but three adjournments with everything involved (letting everyone know, lightning speed coordination on a new date, contracts…). Everything by staying very professional and human at the same time. In our professional lives, my fiancé and I are project managers but thankfully Atout Coeur Wedding is here ! Having a good wedding planner takes all the stress away, the Atout Coeur team has our full trust and we can’t wait to see the result in 2022!
    AMANDA & THIERRY | Wedding at l’Orangerie de Thoiry
  • We were lucky to meet someone from the Atout Coeur Team during the wedding salon in 2019. We chose to contact Stefania and she immediately offered to meet us. We didn’t think we would go for a wedding planner but as we saw the amount of things to do, the very close time (less than a year to organize a wedding with more than 100 people) and the management of upcoming stress we thought we could go for Atout Coeur Wedding which was filling all our criteria. Then covid happened and we had to postpone the wedding once from September 2020 to April 2021 and then a second time from April 2021 to May 2022. Right away Stefania told us our wedding could be postponed in 2021. Even if the news was difficult to hear we were so lucky to have Atout Coeur Wedding as they were proactive and knew how to adapt to this crisis and to handle the whole contracts part to postpone the dates with service providers. It gave us the ability to save money but also to assure that we will keep everyone for the next year and to tell our guests early. Our wedding is happening in 2022 and we are reassured because all the service providers we chose 2 years ago will follow us. Everything is already perfectly organized and our wedding planner who will be there on D-Day (Aurélie and Myriams) have our entire trust. We are convinced that our wedding will be handled with professionalism and enthusiasm. Be assured that Stefania’s team can manage your event perfectly and this magical moment will be the most perfect moment for you !
    JENNIFER & CLÉMENT | Wedding at Domaine de Richebois
  • After a very nice meeting and a very welcoming team during the wedding salon of 2019, we decided to meet them in their office to trust this team with the organization of our wedding. The team has been an unfailing support for us and through every step even when we had to postpone the wedding because of the Covid-19 crisis. Stefania and Aurelie went way beyond their mission and allowed us to go through this tough time calmly. By choosing the Atout Coeur Wedding team, we knew for sure that we would benefit from a flawless wedding but it was even more than that ! Thank you so much to this incredible team, professional and kind ! Truly thank you for everything !
    DJENY & OUS | Wedding at Château de Ermenonville
  • We had to postpone our wedding twice because our families are living abroad but the Atout Coeur Wedding team allowed us to stay calm during theses moments of stress and deception. They knew how to comfort us throughout this whole journey by being the best all the time ! It has been two years since we started working with Atout Coeur Wedding and working together was the best decision we could ever take for our wedding ! We recommend this team without any hesitation, it’s an exceptional team !
    CHRYSTELLE & JOE | Mariage à la Bouillabaisse Plage à Saint-Tropez
  • A big thank you to Stefania for coordinating our wedding day in October 2019. Stefania masters her subject perfectly. We can only recommend it to you.
    FLORENCE & JEAN-CHARLES | Mariage au Pré Catelan
  • What a marvelous meeting ! We met Stefania and her team in December 2018, and it was love at first sight. Stefania is a great professional who doesn’t give anything to chance. With the help of Florestine and Aurelie, they made everything possible to realize our dream wedding. Our wedding took place on 28th of September 2019. A day we will never forget, everything was perfect. We wanted a non-religious ceremony and Stefania was our laywoman. So emotional ! Thank you, Stefania, for everything, thank you Florestine for your beautiful voice and thank you Aurelie for your amazing smile. You’ve all been fairy godmothers! You are in our heart forever. We love you.
    TÉRÉSA & MICHEL | Mariage au Château de Méridon
  • We warmly thank the Atout Coeur Wedding teal for organizing this wonderful day. They’ve been very professional and gave us really good pieces of advice during the wedding preparation. The collaborators with whom they’re used to work offered us high quality services! The day before and on D-day, we’ve been impressed by their capacity to organize everything, to handle the partners and the guests (discreet but very attentive to details). Having them by our side allowed our witnesses and ourselves to fully enjoy every moment without stressing about how the day will go. Again, a massive thank you Stefania, Florestine, Aurélie and Maud!
    AMÉLIE ET JULIEN | Wedding at Domaine du Chesney
  • Such a beautiful meeting with the Atout Coeur Wedding team ! Thanks to her, our wedding was pure joy to prepare. Its leader, Stefania is a true ray of sunshine, accompanied by all her little fairies. They are people with true values, always smiling and positive, and they’ve been with us before and during our event thanks to all their precious pieces of advice which show a large experience in weddings. Stefania is passionate about her work and all her team works with all their heart to make sure your day is going to be the most beautiful day of your life. The way they handled the collaborators and guests was exemplary. We were thrilled to call on them to organize this important day for us. They’ve been human and professional through all the preparation of the event. Our guests even applauded their work because thanks to them, we’ve had such an idyllic day! We wouldn’t know how to tell them how much we thank them; Stefania is indeed an iron fist in a velvet glove, it perfectly suits her! Thank you, girls, because without you our wedding wouldn’t have been this perfect!
    ANISSA & JULIEN | Mariage au Château de Bouffemont
  • « Enjoy it, because the day flies by ». These words truly meant something for Laurent and I on our wedding day, because we were relaxed. Trusting the Atout Coeur wedding team for organizing our wedding was the key tou our serenity. We’ve met more than anything formidable people, attentive to us (no pressure on you, you are the one deciding) who’ve been there to accompany us, advise us, and reassure us all the way through. Thank you, Stefania, and thank you to the team (Florestine, Aurélie, Justine and Maud) for our constructive exchanges and your kindness during this year of preparation. Thank you for your professionalism, your happiness, your always warm welcome and mostly your presence on D-Day at dawn! Laurent and I lived one of the most beautiful days ever thanks to you by our side and we thank you very much for making our wedding day a wonderful and unforgettable day. We’re so happy we’ve met you and gave you our wedding organization. Thank you for this mutual trust. You will be forever in our heart.
    MARIE-DOMINIQUE & LAURENT | Mariage au Château de la Plumasserie
  • We called Atout coeur Wedding for our wedding organization. High quality services, everything was handled masterfully by Maud. With professionalism and great care for details. Maud knew how to create a harmony between collaborators and showed a lot of empathy and smiles towards our guests. We do more than recommending Maud for engaged couples. Zero faux pas. Thank you Maud.
    CÉLINE ET THIBAULT | Wedding at Château de Santeny
  • A top level team with a sense of professionalism without equal ! If you want to enjoy your day without having to think about the organization or whatever hitch that could happen, they are the ones you need to call. Stefania’s team allowed us to live our dream wedding. They’ve accompanied us for almost a year until the big day. And for this we are so thankful.
    CARINE & MIKAËL | Mariage au Château de Pontarmé
  • I could not have had the wedding of my dreams without the Atout Coeur team. They helped me keep my cool while I planned a wedding solely by email from across the globe, and were a great liaison between us and all the other vendors. They took so much off our hands that when we finally arrived in Paris all that was left to do was enjoy and have fun. The staff is not only professional, but super sweet, and I cannot recommend them enough.
    MARIA ET FRANCES | Wedding at Clipper Yacht
  • We had the most beautiful wedding thanks to this Wedding Planner team !! Especially a wedding which didn’t necessarily match with what you call a classic wedding.. A professional team, very attentive and available. You can get in touch with them without any hesitation!!!
    ISABELLE & LIONEL | Mariage au Domaine de la Tour Duval
  • How, in a few words, tell, what Stefania, Aurelie, Maud and Florestine did for us, to make sure our day is the best possible. We’ve spent a year preparing our wedding and from the first day we met to D-Day, they've been here for us, very professional but with their heart first. They are what we call Hearts on legs. They know how to advise you without taking away your personality. They’ve always been there for us and, now that it’s done, we really miss them. We could never thank them enough for everything, and a special thank you to Stefania for being Ali’s mum for a day. I have so much to say.. You’ll always be in our heart, and we’ll see each other soon, we won’t leave you so easily.
    VALÉRIE & ALI | Mariage Les Salons de Verrières
  • Let me say this again, you really feel like it’s not just about a work contract for them. And there’s nothing more enjoyable than preparing your wedding with people like this (because it’s not everyone’s case trust me.). I recommend this agency at 100%.
    CAROLE & LOÏC | Mariage à la Villa Dino à Rome


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