We have been on a cloud for a week.

Our wedding went like a dream last Saturday. Everything was beautiful, fluid and made with a lot of love. Working in show production ourselves, we were very touched by the attention to detail of the Atoutcoeur agency.

Stefania, Aurélie et Myriams sont d’humeur égale pendant tous les mois qui précèdent l’évènement, et maîtrisent parfaitement la coordination de ces festivités qui nous marqueront à jamais.

“A great production” according to our guests. The humility, kindness and incredible efficiency of these “funny ladies” are exceptional. Thank you again to all three of you for this magnificent collaboration, and for all the attention given to our family and friends. You are at the top of your game.

We send you big hugs, Massimiliano and Fred. 🥰