The Atout Cœur team accompanied us for 18 months in organizing our wedding, and to say that we do not regret our choice is an understatement. Always providing good advice for choosing our service providers, ultra-responsive, honest, attentive—our girls always knew how to guide us and reassure us when needed (which happens quite a bit when organizing a wedding!)
They also went above and beyond in professionalism on the day of the event, managing to handle any unforeseen circumstances and orchestrating the day to the minute. Something that doesn't lie, they were praised by many of our delighted guests.
Stefania, Aurélie, and the entire Atout Cœur team were an essential and determining factor in the total success of the most beautiful day of our lives (we can say that now).
They are now friends that we are delighted to have in our lives.
If you're hesitant, don't hesitate—choose Atout Cœur!