Preparing your wedding means diving right into magic. Tasting the wedding cake, visiting reception rooms or choosing your dress and rings… But if there’s one thing the engaged couples don’t like to work on, it is on “How to organise our seating plan”.

This is why we gathered our expertise and our experiences to help and give you a few pieces of advice on this delicate subject. After this, you’ll be able to totally trust yourself and start placing your guests with serenity.

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What is the seating plan for

Sometimes, the idea of spending one (or several!) hours to define who’s going to sit where is concerning for the engaged couple. They’ll be then tempted to leave the choice to every guest on D-day.
But be careful, this strategy won’t always pay off. You need to remember that to prepare a wedding you need to be organized. This is one of the pillars of our wedding planner agency. To do this, we recommend to all our couples to plan a maximum of things ahead to make sure everything goes perfectly on d-day. And organizing your seating plan is a part of it.

Not having a seating plan means risking a waiting line at the entrance of the reception room. The couple’s entrance has to be a happy moment where all the eyes are towards our stars of the day. If everyone is discussing who’s going to sit next to who, it might end up being chaotic.
A seating plan will avoid for sure this happy mess and will allow you to escape many problem

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Even though some guests might see a problem in it. The most common one? To offend one or several guests.
Disappointing a family member by not placing him/her to the honor table. Separating two people who would’ve loved to chat together on every detail of the day. Putting apart two cousins who imagined themselves eating together…
All these worries are fair. But what we advise you to do is to: create a wedding in your image.
And, even though guests are a big part of it, it is the couple’s role to impose their desires, their ideas and to create the ambiance they want. Solemn instants and happy moments will give rhythm to the day. And it will be the lover’s choice on how and when they want to create authentic moments with their close ones.

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How to organize your seating plan at its best

To create your seating plan, the engaged couple will have to ask themselves what kind of link and ambiance they want to create. And not position themselves according to their guests’ point of vue.

If the ceremony goes on with the parents and close family nearby, you can for example decide to put your friends at your honor table.
Taking in consideration the plan of the whole day, and not only the meal time, it will orientate the construction of your seating plan.

There’s also a second option available. It is to choose to place your witnesses at your honor table. Then, whether they are members of your family or friends, it will guide the other guests to sit around according to them.

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One of the last possible strategies is to mix all the table by putting at equal part members of the two families. It is a way to create moments where the family gets to properly meet one another.
This solution is particularly good if the number of guest between the two families is similar. On the contrary, it is preferable to opt for other options.

A tip for your seating plan

It is possible to not define any seating plan that will be 100% fixed but to go for an eating companion plan. You will then have to indicate the name and list of people who have to sit there. The guests are then free to sit next to whoever they want at the table. It leaves a feeling of freedom by keeping a certain control of the situation.

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Ideas for your decoration

Once the seating plan step done, the best is to come. Cause, yes, the seating plan can become a very important part of your decoration. It can be associated to your theme. Its role is important since it will be put at the entrance of your reception room and will give the tone of the night.

You’ll have to choose its form and material, its style and colors. All of it being synced to your wedding theme.

The name of your tables is important too. The choice is limited, you’ll need to decide according to your personal history and your predilection’s themes. Once again, your wedding theme will influence this decision.

Ideas to name your tables

  • Name of cities or countries. A wise choice if you choose to make your wedding about travelling. Something to send your guests on a trip just by sitting at the table.
  • Name of wines. For all the hedonists, naming your table according to famous wine is an original idea. This option will work for a chic theme especially if the wedding is in a winegrowing domain.
  • Famous names or surnames. For all the fans of art, literature and philosophy. Pour les adeptes d’art, de littérature et de philosophie. Victor Hugo, Frida Khalo or even Aristotle will make original names for your tables. You want to bring an enigmatic touch? It is possible to only give the guests the name and let them guess who you’re referring to.
  • Name of artistic movements. Impressionism, Cubism, Réalism, Renaissance, …In the same spirit as famous names, artistic movements will seduce art lovers. They will also give your guests something to talk about.
  • Name of stones or precious metal. Inviting luxury to your table is easy thanks to Diamond, Platinum or even Ruby or Emerald. Precious minerals are a true gold mine to name your tables...

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Inspiration for your seating plan

Here are some favorites spotted by the team. After following our pieces of advice on “How to organize your seating plan”, you’ll find some inspiration. We have even more ideas on our Pinterest.

Chic and timeless, baroque mood are always special.

cadre dores mariage plan de tablesource image pinterest

Original and modern, writings on see through supports allow to see the floral decoration.

plandetable-modernesource image : style me pretty

Glamour and elegance are brought by an imposing mirror which is fully decorated.

plan mariage miroirsource image : Fab Mood

Refinement and transparency with this original suspension decorated with flowers.

plan de table originalsource image : Bridal Musings