The Atout Cœur team... truly, the best decision of our lives... after saying 'yes,' of course! With them, our wedding unfolded perfectly. Stefania, you were the attentive ear and the one who thought of everything, especially during the technical visit to our venue... We will never thank you enough for choosing us. Yes, because with Atout Cœur, it's a mutual choice that occurs, both on the side of the couple and on the side of the team, and that's what makes it work so well. A real collaboration with monthly video calls to check the progress of the event and various visits to choose different vendors.
Myriams, thank you for being so vibrant and reassuring; we gave you blind trust, and it's without regret, of course! On the big day, it's simple—we had the sole mission of saying 'yes' and letting ourselves be carried away. Everything was masterfully handled by the Atout Cœur team. Thank you infinitely.