Who hasn't dreamt of getting married on the other side of the world? An escape wedding that would allow you to get away from your everyday life and broaden your horizons. With current events complicated and travel restricted in recent years, opting for a wedding abroad was a difficult option to consider. But the desire to get away from it all has resurfaced, and heavenly destinations are back in the spotlight.

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Flawless organisation

A getaway wedding, yes, but when? Until recently, organising a wedding abroad was a real headache. Risks of cancellation, closed borders... the trend was for intimate weddings close to home. But the need for a change of scenery is all the stronger in today's trends.
Small groups continue to appeal to future brides and grooms, but the desire to get away from it all is still very much alive.

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Some couples are prepared to postpone the date of their union. Preferring to start their preparations by setting a date 2 years or more in the future, they can be sure of a more serene future. Advanced organization becomes one of the keys to success. No detail should be overlooked and, depending on your destination, certain tasks may be more complex to manage.

Don't forget the time difference. This can complicate the task of communicating directly with your suppliers. You also need to find out about the administrative side of things. Passports, supporting documents, official documents... A successful wedding getaway requires methodical organisation. So having more time can be a real asset.

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With the right timing, you can also take the time to scout the area. Ask us to organise a trip dedicated to your preparationsWe'll put together a tailor-made programme for you, including meetings with service providers, venue visits and catering tastings.

Wedding escape: which destination?

The choice of your wedding venue is completely up to you. Whether it's the country of origin of your loved one. Or a country you've fallen in love with. Or whether the theme of your wedding day takes you to a stunning landscape.
There are many reasons why you might decide to get married abroad.

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The most important aspect is to plan the day according to the constraints of your venue . Planning a wedding on a snow-covered mountain or on a heavenly beach will require special tricks. Providing fans for your guests or, on the other hand, a cosy blanket during the ceremony are little touches that will make all the difference.
You'll also need to take into account travel time and accommodation for your guests. These items can represent a certain cost. Once again, you can obtain advantageous rates by planning ahead.

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A lot of destinations are particularly popular with future brides and grooms. For a colourful, festive wedding, Las Vegas remains the 'big dream' for many. For nature lovers, a change of scenery is guaranteed in Iceland. Waterfalls and wild stretches of land as far as the eye can see. If you're dreaming of palm trees and warm sand, the Caribbean is the place for you. Our partner Oetker Collection's luxurious establishment awaits you. For a wedding in paradise, Jumby Bay Island is the perfect setting.

Focus on Italy

Did you know that Stefania, the founder of Atout Coeur Wedding, is Italian? And it's not without emotion that she sees a growing interest in this iconic destination.

Italy's dolce vita is the stuff of dreams for many future brides and grooms. And with good reason, this country is full of romantic and wild destinations, each as sublime as the next.

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For the most romantic of you, Venice is a must. Its charming alleyways and canals are the perfect backdrop for your romantic photos. The atmosphere in this magical city is indescribable. It will add a special flavour to your special day. Getting married in Venice is like living in a fairytale . But, like any popular destination, you'll need to plan well in advance to find the venue and partners of your dreams. Venice is sumptuous, but it's also a demanding destination that will require faultless organisation.

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Looking for wild nature? Destination Les Pouilles for an unforgettable wedding escape. In the heart of this unspoilt region, you can get married under the olive trees. An ideal setting for an outdoor wedding. The local cuisine and delicate dishes will put your wedding dinner on a par with the finest restaurants. Your wedding will be one of conviviality and refinement.

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Although Venice remains unchallenged, Capri may surprise you. Nestling in the Bay of Naples, its coves and deep blue waters are a magnet for lovers. And what if you were the first to celebrate your love in the prestigious La Palma Hotel from our partner Oetker Collection? This establishment will open its doors in 2023 and will be able to host sumptuous receptions. Let us organise a top-of-the-range getaway wedding for you in this majestic venue. A destination you're sure to love.

Which destination will you choose?