When we started to think about the organisation of our wedding, we didn’t think we would hire a wedding planner...

The occasion presented itself during the wedding salon where I went with my two sisters, to feel the mood of preparations... When fatigue started to get through me, Stefania welcomed me with kindness and attention next to a flowery corner.
A very good feeling instantly...!

Then, we’ve had a meeting in her office to discuss about a possible collaboration, our budget, style, wishes.. Free of any engagement, we thought about it.
If we were to hire a wedding planner for our wedding it had to be HER!! I am very perfectionist and demanding.
Stefania is a professional, and her human side is one of her biggest assets. The adventure was about to start!! 🙂

Stefania and her team, accompanied us all the way through the preparation. Advising us and listening to us with kindness on our wishes, expectations, interrogations and stress...!
We chose to have a big wedding that would look like us, and correspond to what we believe in, the one we’ve always wanted, to put our whole heart in it and to go for it!!
The organization is really like a little project and its realization up until D-day requests time and energy. Being with a great, passionate, caring team is essential to succeed!

We said yes to each other on the 14th of July 2018, calm and more in love than ever, happy and proud of everything we prepared with our dream team ! ❤
Stefania and her team were our little fairies in this beautiful adventure, pampering us on D-Day! Everything was perfect.

“The journey is as important as the destination...”.. Well I must say we’ve had a wonderful journey full of laughter, giggles, tears of joy, fatigue and surrounded by an amazing team which we’ll never forget.

A really big thank you to Stefania and Atout Coeur!
Loads of kisses girls!!

Eléonore & Jacques-Olivier