Even if the choice for the dress is the number one priority, to be able to define your menu is a crucial step to make sure your wedding will stay in mind forever.
And, more than a classical caterer, what if you started looking for an original wedding menu ?
Less obvious than the couple’s entrance or the ball opening dance, the menu can still be a moment full of surprises.

A high quality menu up to your wedding standards

Our wedding planner agency makes it a point of honour to surround itself with the best. Our catalogue of service providers and partners is full of talented creators, each in their domain. Caterers aren’t an exception.
We’ve been working for many years with renowned caterers such as la Maison Lenôtre or Grand Chemin traiteur.

traiteur mariage luxesource image : Lenôtre

It leaves us with the reassurance of a gastronomic and refined meal. Picking a renowned house add prestige to your big day. This is also a way to show your guests how much they mean to you. Wishing for the best in their plate is an attention they will never forget.

macarons mignardise mariage
source image : Lenôtre

During the preparation phase of your wedding, you’ll most definitely spend time deciding flavors and form of your wedding cake.Impressive piece by its height, it must be the star of the night. It will definitely steal the spotlight from you for a few moments. To take car of its look and taste is an important step. We talked to you about it in one of our previous articles dedicated to wedding cakes.

Classic caterer vs original wedding menu

The choice of the menu is often quickly overviewed. It is facilitated by the place of big classics that are meat and noble fish, champagne or even foie gras. But it is also possible to add some creativity to it too.

inspiration cocktail mariagesource image : Style Me Pretty

This one can, in a first place, be found in the plate. By adding regional specialties from your wedding venue. Or even exotic dishes from the country the groom or the bride is coming from.

But did you even think about adding one ( or several) animations to your wedding menu ?
Its presentation itself can be a show for your D-Day.
Street food way, live cooking, singeing at the table.. Ideas are everywhere to make your meal even bett.

traiteur mariage originalsource image : Grand chemin traiteur

By keeping high quality cooking and ingredients, you can bring an unexpected turn to your meal by including original animations to it.

You guests will not only remember the taste but also the way the food was served and the joy and surprise they felt at that moment. It is now possible to create a real mise-en-scene around your menu.You can make it a true moment of sharing.

Trendy new caterer

At Food Comedy, originality is a signature. Modern and at the same time high quality, they offer exclusive services that mark the mind.

How was Food Comedy born ?

Food Comedy has existed for 6 years now. At first we wanted to create something different, carried by the creativity of the notion of homemade and with an eco-friendly dimension.The idea was to produce gourmet pieces that can be “instagrammable”. But also to conceive live and original animations with waiters to represent the event. We use this instant of pure sharing, which is uniting your guests around a buffet to mark the minds with flavors, visuals, personalized products, hashtag on a towel...

idée menu mariage fraicheur 2021source image : Food Comedy

What's the difference between Food Comedy and services from a classical caterer ?

First, our “wedding comedy” offer is a different wedding. We don’t offer a seated diner with food brought to you like it’s traditionally made. We offer meals to share, massive buffets.. But also surprising and delicious pieces. For example giant madeleines, mustache lollipops and chocolate mouths so that the guests can take a picture with it before eating it. Even more, you can have personalized bowes with the engaged couple on it as the meal, pyramids made of cheese, shaker cocktails…

« We use this instant of pure sharing, which is uniting your guests around a buffet to mark the minds with flavors, visuals, personalized products, hashtag on a towel.. »

fleurs cosmestibles mariage idee originalesource image : Food Comedy

What’s the weirdest or impressive demand you’ve ever received ?

It was definitely to put the photo of the chihuahua belonging to the married couple of the cookers of the dishes !

Our strength is that we can answer any demand to make the D-Day unforgettable and that will look just like them !

If we want to call you to organize our wedding menu, what can we ask in terms of personalization of the menu and animations ?

We offer a wedding completely looking like you. From your favorite dish to the personalization of the containers to the outfit of the waiters, we want to represent your universe. We take time to understand your wishes. We adapt our animations, decoration of the buffets to the food room according to YOU.